Hello everybody – today I reflect a bit on how the stresses from life for me can sink me into depression. Yes, I have had depression and times in life where things have been difficult and a struggle. It’s very hard to say that you’ve have experienced depression because at time the root cause of you depression could be fear of acceptance. One of the root causes or triggers of depression for me comes long running stressful environments. Being in long term stressful situations make me feel that I have to be ‘on’ all the time even when being on is very difficult to do. My goal of today’s reflective introspection is to attempt to identify triggers and patterns that cause me to become depressed and what fears prevent me from living the truly happy life I want and should be living.

This is an intimate topic for me and I hope to explore more of these types of personal topics but one of my fears is that people with use deep information against me to hurt me. Thank you in advance for continued support and I hope that me sharing about my depression, triggers, and how I attempt to cope, can help others. If you have ways that you cope with depression that may be helpful please share as well.