Hello everybody – today I reflect a bit on how the stresses from life for me can sink me into depression. Yes, I have had depression and times in life where things have been difficult and a struggle. It’s very hard to say that you’ve have experienced depression because at time the root cause of you depression could be fear of acceptance. One of the root causes or triggers of depression for me comes long running stressful environments. Being in long term stressful situations make me feel that I have to be ‘on’ all the time even when being on is very difficult to do. My goal of today’s reflective introspection is to attempt to identify triggers and patterns that cause me to become depressed and what fears prevent me from living the truly happy life I want and should be living.

This is an intimate topic for me and I hope to explore more of these types of personal topics but one of my fears is that people with use deep information against me to hurt me. Thank you in advance for continued support and I hope that me sharing about my depression, triggers, and how I attempt to cope, can help others. If you have ways that you cope with depression that may be helpful please share as well.


Hello all, I hope that everybody had an enjoyable relaxing weekend. I know that I needed it.

Recently I have been suffering from a common theme in the startup world of burnout. Burnout can occur for many reasons but I share how incremental goal setting and resetting your mind and how actually sleeping help me to be more productive. I also challenge myself to seek happy news in the morning to see the effect it has on my mindset and mood for the day.

#500recordings challenge continues as it was off to a slow start – (re: burnout), but we will accomplish this goal!!!!

Cheers Everybody!
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Don’t know about my #500recordings challenge, check it out here => http://www.opinionatedstance.com/s2-e2-500-recordings-2018-sir-mad-500recordings/

Some might think that 500 recordings is crazy. It is. In 2016 and 2017 over that time period I recorded close to 55+ podcast episodes. It was amazing to get to this point, but in my mind it’s just the beginning. It is my personal opinion that the best way to get good at something is continued practiced effort.

Here is the challenge I am setting for myself. Record 500 pieces of audio by 12/1/2018. Help me stay motivated and accountable to the goal.

We had a great talk with Marty Meinerz about his approach to the creative process as a music composer and producer. Marty offers some great insights into what it looks like building and sustaining a career composing music professionally.

His work can be found on SoundCloud => https://soundcloud.com/meinerzm


Contact – https://www.martinmeinerz.com/

In Episode 17, we had the extreme pleasure of speaking with Josh Holat about his experiences as the CTO of StageBloc (now Fullscreen Direct). We talk about how he and the StageBloc team built their software company by bootstrapping, growing in the company and going through the acquisition phase of the company. Josh talks about things that are great to consider while bootstrapping and things to avoid.

See what they have built here:
Fullscreen Direct – https://www.fullscreendirect.com/

Josh Holat
Twitter – @joshholat

Patrick Farrar
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Paul Graham’s essay Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule  is a great read about different types of schedule that people in an organization may have. The essay is still relevant today as it was when it was first published it.


It is always good to refresh ourselves on these topics.

Patrick Farrar
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In Episode 15, I take a dive into the mailbox and do some Q&A from questions that we have received. We look at advice around the methodology of test driven development and how and when to have the startup equity talk.

Episode: Startup Equity Talk in Depth with Adam Yala http://www.opinionatedstance.com/episode-4-exploring-build-minimum-viable-product-adam-yala/

Patrick Farrar
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