About The Show

The idea for the Opinionated Stance Podcast was born out of several different attempts to create community events in Chicago. In the startup community in Chicago, there were many professional networking event but not many authentic community groups that drilled down past the surface level conversations. Initially, I started a coffee meetup, which was geared as a ‘support’ group for CTOs and founders in technology startups, to talk about various different topic and challenges that they might have encountered in a safe environment. The Opinionated Stance Podcast was born out of this to create an archive of those topics to share the knowledge with people and answer questions.

About The Host

Patrick Farrar



Patrick is a Chicago-based entrepreneur, software engineer, music producer, event coordinator and podcasting enthusiast. The majority of the topics discussed on the Opinionated Stance Podcast come from personal experiences based from working with early stage startups in software and product capacities, consulting for various companies with his consultancy LIVENINE LLC. Through LIVENINE, Patrick works on building out the LIVENINE Podcast Network (http://www.liveninepodcastnetwork.com/), the recording label Live9Recordings (http://live9recordings.com), and other various projects.